An Interview with Author TM Brown

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SH: Thanks for being a guest on my blog today. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. Please introduce yourself to readers.

TM:  Hi I’m TM Brown.  Well, that’s my pen name.  I thought I was being aloof, but everyone calls me Tina.

SH:  Tina, what type of books do you write?

TM:  I write fiction and non-fiction books about the black experience in America.  My books are based on my experiences as well as the experiences of people I’ve known and the characters that have developed in my head as a result of these experiences.

SH:  Have you always known that you wanted to be a writer?

TM:  No, not really.  My first book A LIFE NOT MY OWN, started as a journal, a way to flush out the memories that held me captive.  I dreamed of one day sharing my story, maybe seeing it in print, but never in my wildest imagination, did I believe it would put me on the path that I’m on today. 

SH:  That’s wonderful. Is there one book that you’ve written that makes you more attached to it than the others?

TM:  Yes, I guess I’d have to say it’s a LIFE NOT MY OWN, because it has really helped a lot of people face their own issues.  Plus it’s my first…

SH:  I can understand that. There’s nothing like your first book, and the new experience with the publishing industry. On that note, what advice would you offer someone who wants to publish a book?

TM:  There are so many publishing options.  So, do your homework and select an option that works best.  Also, don’t think about the now, think about the future.  Embrace the concept that the sky is the limit.

SH:  Absolutely. I totally agree that someone who is interested in publishing should do their homework first. So, Tina, when you’re not writing, what can readers find you doing?

TM:  You might find me in my garden looking a hot mess! 

SH:  LOL. Well, I’ve seen pictures of your garden on Facebook and your garden is beautiful!

TM: Thank you.

SH:  Tina, you seem to enjoy cooking and gardening, but if someone offered to take you out to dinner what type of restaurant would it be?

TM:  Somewhere intimate, with good service and really really good food.  Probably Italian because I love fresh ingredients.

SH: Which would you rather do and why? Go to an amusement park, beach, movies or relax at home?

TM:   I hate rides so an amusement park wouldn’t work.  I’m okay going to the beach although I can’t swim.  It’s gotta be a good movie, plus I don’t think that I could stay away from the extra buttered popcorn.  So you know, that leaves relaxing at home with a nice glass (or two) of Moscato.

SH:  If you were to pick up a book with your glass of wine, what would you be reading? Do you have any favorite authors?

TM:  There are so many good authors out there.  But I gotta give a shout out to my Just Between Us sistahs. We’ve been in the top 10 of several categories on for months!

SH:  Absolutely! I agree! So, how can readers connect with you and purchase copies of your books?

TM: My books are available through most online book stores like and Barnes and Noble.  But I’d like to point people to for e-copies of my book at the best price and of course my website

SH:  Thank you for taking out the time to chat today Tina. I wish you all the best in your literary endeavors.

TM: Thank you for this opportunity!



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