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Stop on by and Meet Author Letrise Carter

Selena Haskins chats with Author Letrise Carter of Sistah's Place Magazine for March Madness Authors month.

Meet Author Angelia V. Menchan

Selena Haskins chats with bestselling Author Angelia Vernon Menchan

Have You Met Author Chelle Ramsey?

Selena Haskins interviews Author Chelle Ramsey for "March Madness Authors" special.

Caring for a Loved One Who is Sick

Author Selena Haskins discusses the challenges of caring for a loved one who is sick. This article was published in Sistah's Place Magazine.


Author Selena Haskins talks about bullying and peer pressure that children face in school. This article was published with Sistah's Place Magazine, and earned Selena a speaking engagement at the Love Forward Movement Campaign against bullying.

Meet Author Barbara Joe Williams

Selena Haskins chats with bestselling author, Barbara Joe Williams

Meet Author Adrienne Thompson

An interview with bestselling author Adrienne Thompson.

The Golden Age of Hip-Hop Part 2- The West Coast

Author Selena Haskins discusses part 2 of the Golden Age of Hip-Hop- The West Coast Rappers.