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Selena Haskins

Selena Haskins is a native Washingtonian whose love for reading and writing started at the tender age of nine. Selena's greatest loves are God and family and she uses both as the central theme in all of her books. By writing in various genres, particularly, historical fiction, family saga, and romance, Selena's stories cross the generation lines and bridges the time-periods of long ago with modern-day contemporary fiction.

In 2013, Selena completed one of her life's goals and published her first book, A River Moves Forward. A River Moves Forward instantly became a best-seller on Amazon, and still ranks on the top 100 list for historical fiction. Following the success of a River Moves Forward, Selena published a non-fiction short-story collection along with five other talented writers, titled, Just Between Us-Inspiring Stories by Women (2013), which also became a best-seller on Amazon, and ranks in the top 10 to this date. By popular demand, Selena penned the sequel to her first novel, Riding the Waves-the Price of Fame and Fortune (2014) making it her third-published book overall, and a second novel that would continue to grow her readership. The novel was selected by partners at the giant eBook retailer—BookBub, causing the book to skyrocket in global sales! This made Riding the Waves-the Price of Fame and Fortune reach Amazon's list of top 10 bestsellers for a family saga in 2014.

For the next three years, Selena became a regular blogger who would generate a viewership of well-over 300,000 hits to her website With blogs covering subjects that focus mostly on writing tips and marketing, it was the social issues such as domestic violence, bullying, and forgiveness that drew the attention of magazine editors. For instance, Social Media Trolls became an article for BookCover Magazine (est. by Bestselling Author JL King), and Get Out! became an article for Sistah's Place Entertainment Magazine, in which Selena is now part of the writing team.

In 2017, Selena penned Yesterday Was a Long Time Ago, a new adult romance novel that received rave reviews from many book clubs and readers alike. It was listed in Conversations Magazine's Top 50 Fiction Books of 2017. The book's popularity also led to Selena being selected as one of Sistah's Place Author's Pick of 2017.

When Selena is not writing, she enjoys her ministry and quality time with her husband and son. She loves to cook, listen to music, watch movies, and she's an avid basketball fan. Selena is also a pencil portrait artist and anticipates exploring new-era digital art in the future.

Selena's next book project will include a short-story collection.

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Writing is my morning cup of coffee, my favorite chocolate dessert, and my evening of escape. It wakes me up to new ideas that give me an adrenaline rush. It sends me on a mental roller-coaster ride that breeds pages and pages for a manuscript destined for publishing.

Writing is a passion I have that takes me on a creative journey, and provides escape from the world around me. When I write, it's like a movie playing in my mind, and this is the journey I like to take my readers on.

It is always my hope that readers will be entertained and inspired in some way by what I write.

If you enjoy writing as much as I do, own it like a fine piece of jewelry. Care for it by honing your creative skills through writing workshops and resource materials so that your writing can keep its sparkle. Be creative, entertaining, and inspiring without losing who you are by comparing yourself to another author.

Be true to yourself and never stop doing what you love, and always use honest criticism to make yourself better.

Whatever goals you want to achieve through your writing, I wish you all the best!

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