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So, you've published your first book and now you’re waiting anxiously for your first review. Your family and friends have already critiqued it, but now it’s time for the public to judge. Here are some things that continue to help me with the review process:

  • Choose your reviewer wisely. Research and ask other authors for recommendations. Your time and money are precious, so you want to pick someone who is reliable, who reviews books from your genre.
  • Also, check samples of their other online reviews.
  • Thank the reviewer even if the review wasn’t favorable.
  • If you have questions, email them directly if permissible.
  • Some reviews can take up to 6-8 weeks, so be patient.
  • If the time has elapsed, follow-up with the reviewer in a kind and professional manner.

Reviewers have a big responsibility in critiquing books. Like authors, reviewers have a brand to protect as well. Here are some tips, especially for new reviewers:

  • KEEP YOUR WORD! If your policy states you will submit a review within a certain timeframe, follow through.
  • If there is a delay, communicate with the author.
  • If you have a backlog of books to review, don’t just stockpile books because the books are free. You should temporarily stop accepting books for review so you can meet your current deadlines.
  • Be clear on what types of books of you will review.
  • ALWAYS be professional and not rude in your reviews or the author.
  • The authors who participate in exchange reviews should follow the same policies as a professional reviewer. You are a brand too! How you review another author’s work is an expression of your brand, and if you do not follow-through, this too could affect your reputation as a brand.

Let’s face it; the review process is not an easy task, but being patient, honest, having clear communication, and ALWAYS being professional can make the review process a win-win situation for both the author and the reviewer.


Author Selena Haskins

Selena Haskins is the author of her best-selling book A River Moves Forward. In 2013, recognized Selena as a Top 100 Author.

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