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Hello, readers! It’s Selena Haskins here. I was tagged for this Blog Hop by Adrienne Thompson. I had the privilege of working with Adrienne in our #1 best-seller Just Between Us. Adrienne has also designed the cover of the sequel to my second fiction novel, Riding the Waves-The Price of Fame and Fortune. She has also created the book trailer for my debut novel, A River Moves Forward. I reached out to Adrienne after reading her book, See Me. From there I began to read Adrienne’s other novels, including the Been So Long Series. We have established a wonderful connection as writers and publishers. Adrienne has a wealth of knowledge in the publishing industry, and she’s a very talented writer. Be sure to click on her name to check out what she had to say about her writing process and to check out her work!


As you may already know, I’ve covered quite a few heavy issues in my debut novel and the sequel.  I’ve also written a non-fiction story called, Mirrors Don’t Lie in the book Just Between Us. Now it’s time to show the lighter side of me. I’m actually quite goofy and I’ve been told, I’m really funny. So, I’m venturing out in the field of comedy. I plan to release a comedy short-story late summer or early fall to show my humorous side. It’s called, Nothing Like Summer Rain.

Nothing Like Summer Rain- Effie-Mae Baker is a seventy-year-old widower who has lost her husband, Joe Baker and her mind. The mysteries surrounding her husband’s death remain uncertain, and the neighbors who ask about him are in for a rude awakening. Frankie is Mrs. Baker’s only surviving relative and she’s very protective of the grown forty-year-old son. When Frankie announces that he’s getting married to Summer, Mrs. Baker goes berserk. She uses Frankie’s ex-girlfriend Rain to plot a scheme that just may backfire.  


My stories are never one-dimensional and neither are my characters. Although I write fiction, my characters are convincing and relatable. My stories closely reflect real-life which draws my readers in and hold their minds captive until they finish.  I address real issues, but by the same token it’s entertaining and thought-provoking.  I consider my stories contemporary urban-fiction. My style of writing is similar to the works of contemporary African American authors that I admire, such as: Connie Briscoe, Margaret-Johnson Hodge, Omar Tyree and Carl Weber. I’m a true storyteller in every sense of the word. I believe in writing stories that readers can connect with emotionally.  If you can make a reader feel what you write, than you’ll always Therefore, I try to write stories that are not trendy, because trends fade away. My stories are the kind that won’t expire, and people can read them for generations to come. 


I write stories about broken families who eventually find love and forgiveness. Family is our foundation. In our families, we first learn about life and values. Based on how we grew up often effects the type of decisions we make. I believe that a happy family makes a happy life. However, it’s a process in getting to happy. In my stories I show that process of dysfunctional families, and how they eventually grow together as a unit. I show readers how to have better family lives if we learn to forgive and accept the imperfections of others. Family is all we have, and Jehovah God.



This may sound too simple, but it really starts with an idea, thought or anything that triggers my five-senses. I’ll email myself the idea and build on it later. I just sit down and type away. Notice I said “type.” I used to handwrite my stories, but I found it was double duty to write it and then type it. Typically, I write at night when my whole house is quiet and I can journey into my mind and let my fingers do the walking. When I write it’s like a movie playing inside my head. I can see and hear what the characters and saying and doing. My first draft is usually how I meant it, but my second and third drafts are rewritten so that readers can understand what I mean and not guess.

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It looks like I’m the last one from the Blog Hop. I think we’re done. This was fun! 

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Selena Haskins is the author of her best-selling book A River Moves Forward. In 2013, recognized Selena as a Top 100 Author.

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