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SH: It’s a pleasure to speak with you today on my blog. Please introduce yourself to readers.

Author: Hi! I’m Adrienne Thompson, a divorced mother of three who is a music fanatic. I also love to write stories. I grew up in and currently reside in Arkansas.

SH:  What type of books do you write and what’s your inspiration?

Author: I write Edgy Inspirational Women’s Fiction and Romance. I’m inspired by life—mine and the lives of the people around me. I also have a heart for broken women and am inspired to write stories of love and healing that I hope will in turn inspire them.

SH: I really admire your compassion for the broken hearted. Having read three of your books, I can certainly say that your stories have touched me emotionally. Have you always known that you wanted to be a writer?

Author: Nope! I initially wanted to be an actress and then a singer and then an astronaut, doctor, teacher, and the list goes on and on, LOL. I always had a big imagination and loved writing poetry so it was natural that I became a writer.

SH:  I think having a big imagination has made you very creative, and it comes out in your stories. Let me ask you, is there one book that you’ve written in which you’re more attached to than the others?  After all, you’ve written eleven different books!

Author:  Hmm, not really. They’re all like my children to me. I can say that I have the most fun writing the Been So Long Series. Those characters are just a ball to write about! And that Mona-Lisa? Umph, umph, umph, LOL!

SH:  You’ve had wonderful success with the Been So Long series. What advice would you offer someone who wants to publish a book?

Author: Research, research, research! Did I mention research, LOL? Don’t commit to working with anyone until you know what they’re all about.

SH: That’s true. Find someone who is reputable. So Adrienne, when you’re not writing, what can readers find you doing?

Author: Listening to music, watching indie movies, playing with my one and only grandson, and stalking my favorite YouTube channels, LOL.

SH:  So, if someone says, “Enough YouTube Adrienne, it’s time to go out to dinner!” What type of restaurant would it be?

Author: Italian!

SH:  That seems to be a favorite of many.  Which one of these would you rather do and why? Go to an amusement park, beach, movies or relax at home?

Author: The beach. I want to go to whatever beach Jason Momoa might frequent!

 SH:  So, if you’re at the beach taking a break from Jason Momoa, and you reach for a book. Who would be your favorites in your book collection?

Author: Terry McMillan, Bernice McFadden, James Patterson.

SH:  How can readers connect with you and purchase copies of your books?

Author: Here are my links:






Amazon Author Page:  

Barnes and Noble:

YouTube Channel:

SH:  Thanks for taking the time to chat today. It’s been a pleasure having you to visit. I wish you continued success with your literary career.

Author: Thanks for the opportunity.



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