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I enjoy the discussions I have with my author friends regarding the publishing industry, writing, and book reviews. Just when I feel that I’m alone on this journey, the authors ofJust Between Us, always remind me that I am not.

When I published my first book, A River Moves Forward, I discovered that my journey was just beginning. I still have so much more to learn, especially on the business-side of things.

However, now that I’m not just a reader, but a writer too, it almost feels like I passed some sort of initiation into a Secret Society of Published Authors. In this Society, some of us engage and share the pros and cons of the business, some of which you will never learn by reading a book or searching the internet.

There is also a slight a competitive spirit even amongst us. It’s only natural to want to be the best. I think a little competition actually makes me work harder and will only make me better. Beyond the words lies an author who still cares about the craft, thereby winning the hearts of readers, and building a quality fan base.

When I’m offered a publishing deal, I pray that I am able to keep the same circle of literary friends and readers who have supported me from the very beginning.

Author Selena Haskins

Selena Haskins is the author of her best-selling book A River Moves Forward. In 2013, recognized Selena as a Top 100 Author.

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