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Southern gal, Germaine Landry wants to become a writer in the big city of Washington, DC. She meets a privileged heartthrob, Angelo Pearson, who is used to having anything, and every girl he wants. A loner by nature, Germaine is not easily impressed with Angelo's bravado, but he eventually charms his way into her heart. This pair of opposites develops a friendship that catches fire. Their love is seemingly shatterproof until a malicious scheme leads them down a dark path that could end tragically.

Twenty years later, thoughts of yesterday still haunt Germaine until an unexpected encounter leads her to the pearls of truth. Germaine just may have a second chance at love or finally free herself from the memories of a long time ago.


"A beautiful story about being young and in love for the first time. It's a story that pulls you in, breaks your heart, but leaves you feeling whole and hopeful." - Janice G. Ross, Cultural Cocktails Newsletter.

"A story of devastating losses and the euphoria of finding love again." - G. Miles, Hearts for Romance Book Club.

"Have your tissue handy. Selena Haskins once again delivers well-developed characters with a unique storyline made for a Lifetime movie." - Tammy Jones-Gibbs, That's Entertain Radio (Blog Talk Radio).


  • "Ms. Haskins takes the readers on a journey through the lives of Angelo and Germaine spanning 2 decades in this bittersweet Romance. The secondary characters are well developed and contribute so much to the story . This novel broke my heart Angelo and Germaine goes through so much from deceit ,betrayal, hurt ,pain ,and family secrets. This is an excellent novel Have your tissue ready for the many twists and turns, when you think something is going right boom then another explosion Happens which left me on the edge of my seat. The end will have you rejoicing because true love lasts forever."- Amazon Reviewer

  • "Author Selena Haskins did an Excellent job capturing and delivering this story of Germaine and Angelo. Its Amazing how we meet people when we are younger that leave footprints on our souls for what seems like forever. Selena brings us to a story of two individuals whom met under interesting circumstances, but also developed a relationship, that then eventually flourished into a relationship. Like a lot of couples that once had relationships, life sent us on a different path, and sometimes the individuals go on about their individual lives, get into new relationships and even get married. Yesterday Was A Long Time Ago shares the sentiments of many whom have wondered about that person that they were once in love with, that took their breath away, we wonder where they are..what are they doing in life, etc. Then some of us are given moments where we are able to reunite with that person, and every question you might have could possibly be answered. But what do you do with that opportunity, do you try to recapture time and memories, or acknowledge that life has taken you into different directions for a reason....A Great Feel Good Love Story!!! Must Read!!" - Amazon Book Reviewer

  • "Selena Haskins outdid herself in her new book, Yesterday Was a Long Time Ago. I thoroughly enjoyed her other books, but this one is filled with surprises and it had me scrolling forward to see what would happen next. Germaine and Angelo became an enviable couple on the college campus, but as the saying goes, “The course of true love never runs smoothly.” There are many bumps, even road blocks and barricades along the way. I shook my head in disbelief by the antics of Ms.Terri and laughed out loud when Miss Milly’s false teeth fell out while she was flirting like an old cougar. But at points, the humor comes to a screeching halt as real life issues roll out and the laughter turns into tears. There are so many jaw-dropping events that mirror real life. Just when I thought I heard and seen it all, Selena Haskins stirs the pot harder and more shocks bubble up to the top. Several questions emerge about the characters in the book. Will Angelo regret that he trusted the smooth-talking Victor? Why is Angelo’s father so harsh and bitter? Why does Lisa think so little of herself? And, what really happened to Germaine’s parents? You won’t be able to put down this wonderfully entertaining book until you get to the last page. Then, you can finally breathe and let out a big sigh of relief!" - Amazon Book Reviewer

  • A beautiful love story between a shy girl and one of the 'bad boys' at school. Angelo is torn between some bad influence and his good heart. When he meets Germaine he didn't expect to fall for her, and that causes more conflicts. The theme of unlikely love is one that rarely fails and Haskins does a wonderful job at creating an intimacy that takes the reader along. Character depth and strong emotions carry the story forward until the beautiful epilogue.
    Absolutely lovely and inspiring. -
    Amazon Book Reviewer

  • I fell in love with this story of true love finding it’s way back to each other. The author did an amazing job capturing my emotions through out the journey with Germaine, Angelo, and Lisa. There were times I was sitting here smiling, crying, and laughing. The plot twists in this story Yesterday Was A Long Time Ago made you eager to keep reading wanting to know what happened next. This storyline also has a few hidden gems of wisdom and nuggets one could take away with them in real life situations. At the end of the day, trust your heart and trust the love of true unconditional love. This was a beautiful love story that had a beautiful happy ending. Great job Selena you have a new fan of your work. The writing style was perfect... I visualized the characters as I read through the story. - Amazon Book Reviewer




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Author Selena Haskins

Selena Haskins is the author of her best-selling book A River Moves Forward. In 2013, recognized Selena as a Top 100 Author.

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