Writers With Day Jobs

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Most writers dream of getting paid to write full-time. Even with a book deal, some writers still have to work a day job. The good news is, we can write part-time and still receive satisfaction. The challenge is finding a way to make writing fit into our busy lives. In addition to working full-time, if you are a parent like me, then finding the time to write can be even more difficult. Nonetheless, here are a few tips that I have found to be very helpful.

First, evaluate your daily routine and see where you can fit in some time to write, research, or edit. Devoting just a few minutes is good enough. Some people write early in the mornings or at night. Others may even take their laptops to work and write during their lunch hour. For me, I have to write at night when my whole house is quiet. I also prefer to write on the weekends.

Second, be flexible. Don’t limit yourself to a rigid writing schedule. It might interfere with getting those creative juices flowing. Third, don’t lose those brilliant ideas! As writers, the spark of creativity can kick in at any time, even while you’re at work. I find it helpful to email myself ideas that come to me during the day and develop them later.

Finally, while there are many important things in our lives, we still have to find a way to weave in time to write. All too often people tell me they used to write, but they don’t have time anymore. The truth is – there is always time. It may not be as much time as we would like, but anything we truly love we’ll make time for it. Our stories deserve to be told. We owe it to ourselves and others not to give up. Don’t let time manage you, but learn to manage your time.

Author Selena Haskins

Selena Haskins is the author of her best-selling book A River Moves Forward. In 2013, recognized Selena as a Top 100 Author.

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