An Interview with Tracey G. Michaels

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CP: Tracey, most readers remember you as Connie’s daughter from A River Moves Forward, but for those who aren’t familiar with you, please introduce yourself.

T: I’m Tracey Michaels, daughter of Connie Morris & Vernon “Jet” Michaels.

CP: Why did you decide to write your life story?

T: I wrote Riding the Waves to share what it was like growing up in the spotlight.

CP: Would you consider your book one of your greatest achievements?

T: It was definitely a career highlight for me. My book changed the game and the way people will view celebrity memoirs from now on.

CP: What’re your most treasured possessions?

T: (Laughs).You mean besides my mansion, clothes, jewelry, and handbags? I’d say my Emmy Awards and my white Bentley.

CP: Who’s the greatest love of your life?

T: You know the answer to that one! Don’t make me go 0-100 on you like Drake. If the people reading this blog don’t know, then check out my book!

CP: What is your greatest regret?

T: Giiirl, being hardheaded! My parents should have put me in Scared Straight. You guys can read about my drama in my book, hopefully you’ll learn from my mistakes.

CP: Speaking of your book, you talk about your ex-boyfriend, Rapper, B-Money and how tumultuous your relationship was with him. Why did you share that?

T: Some young girls out there are just like me when I was growing up. I was 'bout that life, you know what I mean? I was attracted to making that money and being famous. I loved the guys who were thugs, but in the end it wasn’t worth me having to suffer for it. You really can’t put a price tag on your self-esteem. You have to love and value yourself more than material things.

CP: Which living person do you most admire?

T: I admire my mother. She’s a boss. She took her family out the hood and never complained or bragged. I think that says a lot about her spirit.

CP: So what is your motto?

T: I used to be about that life, but I’m not that girl anymore. Today my motto is God and family. I’m still not perfect, but I do know it’s the value of the human spirit and not possessions that matter with God. That’s the message of my book, so make sure you guys check it out. Read book one first, A River Moves Forward, it's a bestseller. Get the background scoop on me and my family, then check out my book and my life through my eyes.

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