Women Haters

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She rolls her eyes to the ceiling when everyone else compliments you. She’s critical and never has anything good to say. She’s a “woman-hater,” a woman who hates other women.

Women-haters are all around us—In our family, school, jobs, and even in our place of worship. Why do women hate other women? I’m not an expert in diagnosing this type of behavior, but I’ve had plenty of experience with women who hate other women.

Women who hate other women are often unhappy with themselves. Instead of rejoicing with you in your success they would rather criticize. They actually wish they were you. It’s true! They wish they had your knowledge, skills, talents, and the ambition it took to reach your goals. Because they’re not you, they can’t stand themselves, and they’ll do anything in their power to let you feel their misery. They will even accuse you of being full-of-yourself. Any efforts you put forth to resolve the “wedge” they created will fail because women-haters have a wonderful way of becoming the victim.

So, how can you tell if you’re a woman-hater?

Check your feelings. Do you feel jealous when other women receive accolades? Do you intentionally hold back on being supportive of another woman? Do you hate other women for no reason? Then, my dear sister, you are a woman-hater.

Hate is conquered by showing love. Covetousness is conquered by being happy with what you have. On the other hand, if you’re a victim of a woman hater’s malicious acts, then stop being the victim and be the victor! Don't allow a woman-hater to rain on your parade and then do her "happy dance" afterward. Allow her to be exactly who she is by not changing who you are. Seeking her approval will only drive you crazy because you will never get it! Let's face it, you can’t please everybody, especially a hater.

Author Selena Haskins

Selena Haskins is the author of her best-selling book A River Moves Forward. In 2013, recognized Selena as a Top 100 Author.

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